Perfect Game Photos

by Bob Shank Photography

To contact me about photography services or to hire me for a sports shoot, please send an email to:

If you desire to use any of my photographs for publication or on your website I am willing to talk with you. My main goal is to acheive more sports photography experience and hone my skills so I can successfully tell the story of each game through my photographs. As each game unfolds, it tells a story and I try to capture the essence of that unique story. Action is the name of the game and I am learning how to better capture the action in games that help players and coaches re-live the moments on the field.

In the game of baseball, every pitcher dreams of throwing a perfect game. A perfect game is defined as no hits, no errors, no walks, and no hit batters. This highly attained goal is actually only realized by very few.

In sports photography, I also dream of capturing a perfect game with my camera. For me a perfect game photographically catches every action play on the field, all the facial expressions of the players and coaches, captures the ball in each photo, shows the dirt flying, and completely captures the entire essence of the game in a way that re-tells the story of that game. I haven't photographed the perfect game yet, but I will keep trying!

Bob Shank

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